Two YouTubers With Lin-Manuel Miranda Masks Reimagine Hamilton as a One-Man Show, and It’s Extremely Weird

Thanks to Boing Boing for uncovering this hidden gem. Either way, the videos are surreal, totally unnecessary, and oddly mesmerizing. Their channel, Spamilton, takes things a step further by using cutouts of Miranda’s face to make him actually re-enact many of the musical’s songs solo (well, sort of). I’m sure you already know the old adage “Two Lin-Manuel Mirandas are better than one,” which is definitely a real saying and not something I just made up right now. That’s right: all Miranda, all the time, which, depending on how you feel about the man himself, is either a dream or a nightmare. But that evidently wasn’t enough for two very ambitious YouTubers. Hamilton creator Miranda has previously shared demos from the smash-hit musical where he sings every part, effectively already turning Hamilton into a one-man show.