These Genius, 3-Ingredient Cookies Will Be Ready Before the Oven Beeps

They’re more relaxed than a Florentine, more lightweight than a brittle. “They’re an easy treat for anyone to share in an act of #cookiesandkindness. So bake and share them freely, with your Valentine, your office, your kids’ teachers, your mail carrier, your barista, your dentist. “I love them for a million reasons, but chiefly because they’re a simple pleasure that can be shared on the spur of the moment.”
Dorie learned the recipe from Martine Collet, one of her oldest friends in Paris, and couldn’t quite believe it. Beyond this come on over! scenario, Dorie also recommends these first for someone who’s never baked before. This post originally appeared in Genius Recipes from Food52. But first, turn on your oven and get out the almonds, eggs, and sugar. There’s a wild array of textures—the shattering, airy crunch of meringue at the edges, and the softer one of toasted almonds, with rolling bubbles and pockets skittering across the surface. Dorie Greenspan’s 3-Ingredient Almond Crackle Cookies Makes 20 cookies

6 tablespoons (75 grams) sugar
1 large egg
1 1/4 cups (125 grams) sliced almonds (blanched or unblanched)

See the full recipe on Food52. When you call Dorie Greenspan to say you’re coming over, this is what she bakes. “It takes longer to preheat the oven than to put these cookies together,” she wrote to me. “It’s a miracle of a recipe in that it’s delicious, of course, beautiful, in a higgledy-piggledy never-perfect way, and a snap to make,” Dorie says. It’s not entirely clear how these three ingredients become a cookie, but between the handy glue of egg and sugar, the architectural advantages of sliced almonds, and the crispability of all of the above, they do. Oh and here’s a little tip, whether you’re an old fan of Dorie’s or a new one: If you want the next 34 minutes of your day to be immediately brighter, go watch Dorie talk cookies on our Facebook Live. But beyond the fact that this exercise in minimalism just happens to work, it tastes like so much more than just these three ingredients and this care-free technique—there are warm, toasty caramel notes, and a sweet vanilla-like scent. More from Food52: If What’s on TV Bores You, At Least You’ll Have These Cheese Dips  40 Bright Recipes for Purple Produce Season (What Beige?)  The 1-Pot, 1-Blender, 1-Hour Vegan Comfort Food We’ve Made All Winter  The Surprising, Unorthodox Ingredient for Loftier, Fluffier Biscuits  Put a Cookie on Top of a Cream Puff And…  How to Rid Your Stainless Steel of That Pesky Chalky Residue And who doesn’t love—and need—a lot of cookies and a little kindness now?”
Once cooled, I’ve found they also travel and store extremely well (if it’s not too humid, that is)—I’m still taste-testing the last of a big batch I baked three weeks ago, just to explore their magical powers further. Bookmark it. There are only three ingredients: egg, almond, and sugar, simply stirred together—and in very un-cookie-like fashion, no flour or butter. And call a friend. And they’re altogether really lovely over a cup of coffee with an old friend.