Stephen Colbert Proposes Alternate Fox News Slogans After the Network Drops “Fair and Balanced”

After more than two decades, Fox News has dropped its longtime “Fair & Balanced” slogan, and Stephen Colbert has some idea why: “I assume because they finally watched themselves.” According to New York magazine’s Gabriel Sherman, the network reportedly dropped the catchphrase, a trademark of the Roger Ailes era, because it had been widely mocked. Colbert can certainly understand that reasoning, given that he personally mocked the slogan regularly during his almost 10 years hosting The Colbert Report, the satirical late-night talk show dedicated to parodying Fox’s then–most famous political pundit. (“I’m sorry,” he mouthed to the camera in his Late Show monologue on Thursday.)

In the meantime, Fox is rolling with another of its taglines: “Most Watched. Most Trusted.” But Colbert had some alternate proposals, including “CNN for Your Angry Uncle,” “Thanks for Watching, Mr. President!” and “You’d Be Pretty if You Smiled More.” Oof.