Mark Hamill Provides the Voice of Han Solo in This Force Awakens Bad Lip Reading

That’s right, Mark Hamill provides the voice of the scruffy-looking nerfherder in this Bad Lip Reading video for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which reimagines Han’s dialogue so that he scolds Leia about her frap-buying habits and makes fun of Admiral Ackbar’s accent. Also in Slate:

Ever Wish Yoda Did Less Droning On and On About the Force and More Singing About Seagulls? Elsewhere in the video, Chewie gets a little too friendly with a rebel doctor, Leia shot a clown, and just when you thought he couldn’t possibly get any creepier, Kylo Ren made you a bird puppet. *Update, April 7: The video has been pulled from YouTube due to an “erroneous” copyright claim, but should be restored soon. The newest Star Wars reinterpretaton from Bad Lip Reading got an extra dose of authenticity by including the voice of Luke Skywalker himself—except he’s playing Han Solo. Chewbacca Ate Han’s Brisket in the Bad Lip Reading of Star Wars: A New Hope