It’s Battle of the Baldwins as Alec Baldwin’s Trump takes on Alec Baldwin’s O’Reilly on Saturday Night Live

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned from Dead Ringers it’s that the best way to make a film about psychosexual obsessions is to cast the same actor in two roles. That’s the approach Saturday Night Live took this week with Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment scandal and Donald Trump’s bizarre defense of the embattled host, letting Alec Baldwn play both men in a head-to-head interview. Still, there’s no actor more generous to his co-stars than Alec Baldwin, and it’s heartworming to see him giving Alec Baldwin so many of the best lines here. Also perfect: Trump’s reaction when O’Reilly tells him to keep up the good work. Keep up the good work, Saturday Night Live! While the results aren’t exactly Cronenberg, both Alec Baldwin and Alec Baldwin do a great job of playing off each other, which can’t have been easy when half the segment was pre-taped. Maybe these were drawn from the parody ad slush-pile—it’s hard to imagine how the ad for “Dog Cocaine” could be drawn out to full a length ad, and although it’s easy to imagine a full-length ad for “Elequis: Cialis for Horses,” we’d recommend never, never imagining it—but as short bits mid-sketch, they’re perfect. But the biggest laughs come from the advertisers who’ve stuck with O’Reilly despite his ongoing fall from grace. Baldwin’s Trump impression sometimes seems like a facial expression looking for a reason to exist, so it’s worth noting his O’Reilly uses a single expression—O’Reilly’s resting simper—to devastating effect here, especially when he’s playing against Cecily Strong.