Watch Donald Trump Ruin American Foreign Policy on Saturday Night Live

These days, that’s about the best we can hope for. I mean, this is a guy who made a feature-length ode to Sarah Palin two years after she resigned:
He’s cartoonishly evil, yes—but he’s also just cartoonish. It would be great to see someone on the cast give him as much attention as Kate McKinnon has Kellyanne Conway. From his disaster of a phone call with Australia to his disaster of a phone call with Mexico to his disaster of a phone call with Germany (that one, like the Bowling Green massacre, hasn’t happened yet), the writing staff found themselves in a target-rich environment. the holy war!—that he really deserves a more detailed portrait. Despite underwriting Steve Bannon, however, this week’s cold open does give viewers the distinct pleasure of watching a fictional Robert Mugabe hand a fictional Donald Trump his ass. For the most part, they delivered, though, as with most Trump jokes, it’s not clear whether to laugh or cry. Saturday Night Live went all-in on things-that-would-be-funny-if-they-weren’t-true this week starting with the cold open, which recreates of just a few of our new president’s recent diplomatic bloopers and practical jokes. The skit gets pretty good mileage out of the idea (true, if the Muslim ban is any indication) that Bannon is running the White House, though probably not enough mileage to convince Trump to fire the guy. Assuming Bannon hangs on to his job, it will be a huge missed opportunity if Saturday Night Live keeps portraying him as the grim reaper. There’s so much more going on with Bannon than acting like Skeletor—the clothes! the anti-semitism!

Melissa McCarthy’s Sean Spicer Impression Would Be Really Funny if None of This Were Really Happening

He’s funny, in other words, at least when you forget he’s real. And she knocked it out of the park. Really, though, should any week be “good” when you’re getting paid to be the mouthpiece for the Trump administration? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning for the traditional Presidential review of this week’s Saturday Night Live, but it’s probably not going to be a good week for the real Sean Spicer. But this week, Melissa McCarthy bigfooted the regular cast, stopping by for a swim in Spicer’s trademark giant jacket, treating the press to his trademark abuse, and gulping down his trademark 35 pieces of cinnamon gum. His bullshit justifications for Trump’s bullshit policies are such a giant flashing target that even CNN tears him to shreds, his tailor has a terrific sense of humor, and the stress of all the doublethink seems to be melting his face in real time. The costume and makeup are extraordinary—that hairline!—and McCarthy hit all of the dizzying lows of Spicer’s tenure so far, with an assist from Kate McKinnon as the insultingly unqualified Betsy Devos, a woman who (literally) wants guns in our schools to defend children from grizzly bears. Sean Spicer, the man who wasted no time building a reputation for lyingest, yellingest White House Press Secretary, is the kind of role the entire Saturday Night Live cast must have wanted.

Kristen Stewart Addresses Donald Trump’s Twitter Obsession (And Drops an F-Bomb) on Saturday Night Live

“I totally care that I’m here, because it’s the coolest fucking thing ever—oh!—and I’m sorry, and Alessia Cara is also here, and I’ll never come back.” Picking a fight with the President of the United States and the FCC in a single Saturday Night Live monologue: that’s pretty fucking cool. Kristen Stewart started her Saturday Night Live hosting spot with a bang this week, addressing Donald Trump’s bizarre Twitter obsession with her (and Robert Pattinson) before treating East coast viewers to an unbleeped “fuck.” Weirdly, those two events were unrelated—she managed to make it through an entire conversation about Trump without even hitting PG-13, despite the fact that the current leader of the free world had this to say about her (in a tweet that should be his official presidential portrait):
“The president is not a huge fan of me,” Stewart concluded, after looking at the Twitter record. “But that is so ok. NBC may be able to take some consolation in the fact that Stewart was moved to profanity only when trying to describe how awesome it was to host Saturday Night Live. And Donald, if you didn’t like me then, you’re really probably not going to like me now, because I’m hosting SNL and I am so gay, dude.”
The middle section of the skit, in which Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant do their best to impress Stewart with how cool they are, suffers from having to follow the inherent bizarreness of Trump’s Robert Pattinson thing. But Stewart, after a series of jokes about not really being as hardcore as her reputation, managed to out-hardcore everyone by violating the FCC’s rules on “Obscene, Indecent, and Profane Broadcasts.” Yeah: she said a bad word on live television.