• carmel posted an update 9 months, 2 weeks ago

    One thing you must understand is there is no perfect team, ever since the game has lots of different units; it takes some other list of units. Each team can just have 5 units, so making a team requires some planning and changing. The teams needs to be created to take down a selected quest. There are 6 core quests and 1 final quest; the 6 core quests are usually within the same order. All the quests stops working into 5 mini quests, sometimes there exists a 6th mini quest but it is a boss fight.

    Get-Frontier – First quest will almost always be fire, meaning 95% of the units you face is going to be fire units. I have faith that 95% because there is an opportunity the quest are going to have a mimic or two, a dark unit. The next quest is going to be water, again 95% chance of all water units. The third quest is earth, 95% chance of all earth units. The 4th quest is thunder, 95% of units is going to be thunder. These first four quests are classified as the weather quests, because each one has 95% the exact same unit. The subsequent two quests are light and dark. Light quests are 90% light units; mimics really are a rare event in light quests. Dark quests are 100% dark units, if your mimic is triggered, it will be a dark unit. The very last quest is a mix of all 6 types; it randomly picks the units you might face.

    You now know the quest order, you will need to learn the weaknesses and strengths of each element.

    · With a water attack with a fire unit does double damage, fire attack with a water unit does half damage.

    · With a fire attack for an earth unit does double damage, earth attack with a fire unit does half damage.

    · Utilising an earth attack with a thunder unit does double damage, thunder attack for an earth unit does half damage.

    · With a thunder attack with a water unit does double damage, water attack with a thunder unit does half damage.

    · Light attacks are double injury to dark units

    · Dark attacks are double injury to light units

    Each element has its own weaknesses and strengths, utilizing the wrong team can end the sport quickly. That is why there is no perfect team, each element is often beaten. Each element also offers its best power, the effectiveness of each type is better when matched.

    · Fire – Anima – 10% more HP

    · Water – Oracle – 10% more REC

    · Thunder – Breaker – 10% more ATK

    · Earth – Guardian – 10% more DEF

    · Light – Lord – No Bonus

    · Dark – Lord – No Bonus

    The effectiveness of each element is better matched using this table. For instance, a thunder unit by using a breaker power can result in more attack. But a thunder unit with anima power is not going to have a improvement in health.